Local Rules / Etiquette / Dress Rules/Tournament Conditions

All Visitors To Portarlington Golf Club Are required to dress suitably, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse and surrounds.

Portarlington Golf Club Conditions of Play Manual
Tournament Conditions of Play

Dress Rules

The minimum dress requirement on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse is neat, tidy, clean, casual dress at all times, other than in exceptional circumstances for which approval must be obtained from the CEO or Staff Supervisor. The following items of dress are not permitted: On the Course

  • Shirts or tops with offensive slogans.
  • Brief shorts, beach or football shorts.
  • Football socks, rubber thongs, moccasins or bare feet.
  • Tee Shirts without collars (“Mock Tees” excluded) and singlets
  • Bikini Tops

In the Clubhouse

  • Shirts of Tops with offensive slogans.
  • Brief shorts, beach or football short.
  • Football socks, Bare feet, Moccasins and spiked golf shoes
  • Hats
  • Singlets and Bikini Tops


Golf Carts

If hiring golf carts, the rules displayed in cart must be strictly observed. Failure to observe these rules will result in instant termination of your golf game.


Always walk into and out of bunkers by the walkways of step-ins provided, smooth out all footprints in bunkers, and replace rakes in the middle of the bunkers, parallel to the line of play.

Sand Buckets

All players must carry sand buckets and use the sand provided to repair damaged turf. When repairing divot marks do not replace damaged turf, simply cover the divot with sand.

Plug Marks

Repair all plug marks on greens.

Mobile Phones

Any golfer who must carry a mobile telephone on the golf course, should ensure the telephone is turned to silent at all times, and only used in case of emergency.


All PORTARLINGTON GOLF CLUB staff are trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol. They are thereby obligated under State Legislation to observe these principals and will refuse to serve liquor to intoxicated patrons and request drunk and disorderly patrons to leave the premises. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought in for consumption on the course.


PORTARLINGTON GOLF CLUB is smoke free with the exception of outside