As 2020 draws to a close, it seems fair to say the year has offered challenges that few of us could have seen coming. Right up front I would like to thank all our members for supporting their club during 2020, this support has meant the clubs survival.

As Victorians, we have all faced and overcome challenges this year. We have experienced hardship, loneliness and frustration as we navigated our way through this once in a lifetime event. The overwhelming resilience of our members and staff, our human spirit has been courageous and determined.

Our club staff have remained committed under significant uncertainty, often going above and beyond what is expected of them. Their willingness to work together and to maintain a COVID Safe environment once we could open, including new routines and tasks while maintain a positive spirit needs to be acknowledged.

As an organisation, we have learned many lessons, made some very difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions, but on reflection these learnings have helped us become a stronger, more resilient business.

In recent weeks as the club has been able to gradually open, you have and will continue to see more and more positive changes for both the member experience, our staff and the wider community that have the benefit of enjoying our amazing facilities. 

The introduction of Our Backyard campaign supporting local businesses, the new wine list and bistro menu, plus some dedicated space for members are some the early changes now being enjoyed by all now we are able to open the entire club.

So as we look forward to the end of this tumultuous year. I would like to finish by wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas.  Let us hope that 2021 will bring lots more positives to ensure the long-term future of our wonderful golf club.