Dear Members


In last months Captains Report I did mention we have been blessed with the weather, and I must admit apart from a few days the weather has been very kind although some days have been very cold but I guess that is to be expected this time of year.


The course is holding up very well with all the rain we have been having, which has seen some months getting above average, which is good for the dams and gives the club a good grounding for the up coming Summer.


There a few little issues I have observed during this last month or so, and it does relate to the fact that the course is wet and or very soft in certain parts, in particular around the greens and tee boxes. This is just a gentle reminder that Golf Carts should not be driven any closer to the green than ten metres and carts should not be taken across the tee boxes, these are all part of the Clubs By-laws.


Although the course is wet in places we are till getting some run. We have had some issues with players hitting to the green before the players have putted out. Please be aware of how far you are hitting the ball and if you are in doubt please wait until the green is clear.


The other point I would like to raise is the awareness of local rules. I would recommend that you ensure you are familiar with our local rules which are located on the back of the card, on the notice board outside the pro shop and also on our website under the Golf section.


One of the common questions is whether you can move the hoops or ropes. Under the local rules the hoops are Movable obstructions. Under the local rules the ropes are Immovable obstructions and relief must be taken if your swing or stance is impacted by ropes.


Also please note the updated definition of Out of Bounds relating to the 10th hole. The areas to the right hand side of the 10th hole defined by white stakes with black tops and white dots from the large buggy shed down to the water pipe on the boundary fence adjacent to the practise chipping green.


As mentioned in the June report the Committee was working on including the events missed during the shut down. This commenced on the first of July and we have already had numerous medal winners along with main events there will be more of that in the upcoming chip shots.


Chips shots will also outline the August fixture.


Good golfing and keep safe.


Captain and the Committee.