One of the biggest concerns for the survival and continued growth of any golf course is water. Without water and the necessary pumps and reticulation systems it is impossible to drought proof our golf course.
During the last spring/summer period we spent over $26,000 buying water as our dams headed towards empty. They have filled up well with winter rains but the cycle over past years has been to buy extra water to maintain the course.
We currently have $52,000 in a dedicated water account. We need to increase this amount considerably over the coming years to ensure we can meet any water emergency, including promptly replacing pumps when needed to spend dollars on maintaining an efficient reticulation system to cover the whole course and any other water related expense.
The Board has decided to increase the green fee and competition fee rounds by $1.00 effective from 1 December 2019. The revenue raised will be placed in the dedicated water account and will only be accessed for purchases of water related items.
Ian Assender