Mens Pennant Round Up – Sunday 28th April Another sterling report from Joel Launer with a great result for Division 2

Mens Pennant Round Up – Sunday 14th April  Have a read – our boys had a cracking weekend!

Mens Pennant Round Up – Sunday 7th of April

Please support our teams this Sunday 14th of April – Div 2 play at 13th vs Curlewis and Div 4 play The Sands at RACV Torquay.  GOOD LUCK!

Men’s Pennant Round Up – Sunday 31st of March

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Division 4 Team

Men’s Pennant Round-Up – Sunday 24th March

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Women’s Leigh Pennant

The women had a terrific win over Lara, Thursday 21st of March with an overall team score of 4/1.  This means that Portarlington are still on top of the Leigh Pennant Ladder – way to go!!!

Division 2 was played at Colac on Sunday with the team having an outstanding win over a very strong Lonsdale side. It was an outstanding team effort and moral was high on the bus trip home. 

Week one result and team members were: 

  • Max Edmanson WON 2 UP 
  • Jack Martin WON 7 & 6 
  • David Watson LOST 2 & 1 
  • Justin McGrath WON 1 UP 
  • Gavin Whyley WON 3 & 2 
  • Sean Rogers LOST 1 DOWN 
  • Joel Launer LOST 2 DOWN 

Each member of the side is putting in $2 a week and the best result of the day takes the chocolates. So with a Massive result from young Jack Martin, Mick Whyley was more than happy to drive the bus to McDonalds Colac on the way home to spend his hard earned dough. Great work Jack!!!! 

A cool and calm Gavin Whyley had an easy day at the office with a nice victory as well, I hear he hasn’t had a beer for 3 weeks and couldn’t even be persuaded in an ale on the way home. WOW! 

Justin McGraths victory was crucial for the team as he was all square up the last. With a bombed drive he was only left with a 100m wedge and knocked it to 4 foot to take the win. 

With the score now at 3 all and one team member left on the course it was all up to the young gun Max Edmanson who was also tied in his game on the 18th tee box. 

Having smashed his drive down the middle and hitting a 100m wedge on the green for 2 he was left with a long and difficult putt and for anyone who’s played Colac before knows how tough that green is, but a cool, calm and reformed Max almost drained the birdie and sealing the win as his opponent made bogie. 

Next week sees the team take on 13th Beach at Angelsea @ 8am, I’m sure the guys would love a caddy if anyone is available. 

Well done guys, let’s keep the winning form going for 2019. 

Division 4 Results 

Our Division 4 side met a very formidable side in Bannockburn on Sunday morning at the Sands in Torquay. 

Team members and Results were : 

  • Phillip (white tiger) Toyne LOST 5 & 3 
  • Stuart Anderson LOST 2 & 1 
  • Bob Gibbs LOST 6 & 4 
  • Nick Unsworth WON 1 UP 
  • Damien Smith Halved Match 
  • Chris (JD) Otway LOST 4 & 2 
  • Tim Benham LOST 1 DOWN 

The star of the show was the up and coming youngster Nick Unsworth!! On his maiden senior pennant game for Portarlington come up trumps and sealed the win with an 8 foot putt on the last green! Nick then saluted the crowd in true winning champion style. It was as if he won the masters! Lookout Joel, David & Sean in Div2, Nick is lurking for that upgraded spot, the pressure is on to perform. Great job Nick, we will be all gunning for you next round. 

Damien Smith played a solid game all day, his partner missing a 4 foot putt on the last to tie it all up. 

The team has a bye this weekend and then will see them go to Bannockburn the following Sunday to take on Torquay. 

On behalf of all the players of all the pennant sides we as a whole would like to thank Tyson Myers for his time and effort in holding some one on one training and coaching prior to the season commencing. Tyson held some very well run and professional clinics. I know a lot of the guys got something out of it. 

For all those members who struggle with an aspect of their game week in and week out, a lesson with either Tyson or Matt is sure to help you. 

Joel Launer

Leigh Pennant

Portarlington women are evenly poised on top of the ladder with Winchelsea and Inverleigh.  The team have yet to play Lara (this Thursday at Bannockburn) and then against Barwon Valley at Bannockburn on the 28th of March.

Anyone who’s interested in going along to support any of the teams during their games are most welcome.  If you need further information, contact Jill Barker or Phil Stephens.