Putting Life into Golf Memberships!

Portarlington Golf Club is excited to announce a new style of golf membership for the new membership year.  “The new Lifestyle Membership is attractive for people who want to play golf, but don’t necessarily have the time to play every week,” said CEO Ron Stockdale.  “It is also an option for new golfers, who don’t want to shell out the full membership fee up front, when they are just getting into the game.”

The Lifestyle Membership is a points-based membership whereby the golfer gets an allocation of points upon joining.  Every time the golfer plays, points get taken off their allocation, and the amount of points used depends on the day or competition that they wish to play in.  This arrangement is especially enticing for those looking for a more flexible arrangement to play golf, whilst also being able to maintain their golf link handicap.  

“We have had many enquiries from holiday makers, workers and beginners looking for a financially viable membership to suit their needs…well here it is”.

Lifestyle Membership Information

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